Epic Dumpster Bear - Let’s Play

What is this?

When I received a code for a game called Epic Dumpster Bear I thought maybe it might be along the lines of a Goat Simulator. I had no idea it was a 2d sidescroling platformer. The actual platforming is a little floaty. There’s some silly Tony Hawk grinding involved only instead of grinding on a skateboard, Epic Dumpster Bear slides on his crotch.

The animations are hilarious as it appears someone actually dawned a mo-cap suit for the role and the fluidity just adds to the wackiness. There are realistic looking seagull, cow, and alligator enemies. I came across a cow suspended by a drone. It’s a lot of fun at first. Then I had a major platforming issue where I couldn’t seem to time my wall jumps correctly and I eventually gave up.

I’ll pop it on again at some point and try to get passed a few more levels. In the meantime check out our Let’s Play below:

- Matt

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