Awesome Pea - Review

Bite sized fun.

Developer - PigeonDev

Publisher - PigeonDev

Platform - Nintendo Switch

Release Date - March 1st, 2019

Awesome Pea is a simple but fun platformer that suffers from repetitive level design and ends a bit short. There is no story but I still think Awesome Pea as a mascot has potential. I enjoyed it's gray-scale art style similar to the technically limited original Gameboy graphics and the music is retro
8-bit toned and catchy.

I found Awesome Pea's early levels to be far more difficult to it's back half but I am not sure if that was design or just me getting used to the controls. Awesome Pea is a bit floaty to control and seems to have a hit box a bit larger than himself. Many times I would die from being hit by objects that seemed a bit over my head.

The game is a short 20 levels which sadly are composed of about four or five concepts that repeat. I think Awesome Pea would have felt like a much longer game if it had a bit more variety to its level design.

All in all, I enjoyed Awesome Pea and I would love to see a more fleshed out sequel. It isn't spectacular but its a good start.

Check out some gameplay below!

- Matt

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