Commander Keen in Keen Dreams - Nintendo Switch Let's Play!

Developer - Id Software
Publisher - Lone Wolf Technology LLC
Platform - Nintendo Switch
Release Date - February 7th, 2019

Commander Keen might sound familiar to some of our older readers, older than me I guess (32) because when we were offered a code for it I honestly thought this was a modern retro inspired 2d platformer like so many others, but once I read the press kit I learned this was actually a REAL retro 2d platformer from way, way back. 

Published by Softdisk in 1991 and developed by none other than Id Software (yes, THAT Id Software) Commander Keen in Keen Dream was originally a PC game. As it turns out, many Commander Keen games were made and re-released on various platforms throughout the year, including GameBoy Color which I find very interesting for some reason. The franchise somehow eluded me my entire life until now.

It's a wacky game, something I would have probably really enjoyed when I was younger. My time with this version however failed to "Spark Joy" (see Marie Kondo). That doesn't make it a bad game though and I think it's great to see it resurrected for historical reasons. 

You'll see what I'm talking about in my Let's Play below:

- Matt

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