RICO - Nintendo Switch - Let's Play and Review

Developer - Ground Shatter
Publisher - Thunderful, Rising Star Games
Platform - Nintendo Switch
Release Date - March 14th, 2019

RICO is a procedurally generated hyper violent first person shooter rouge-like designed to be played cooperatively either locally or online. It's a flawed game but I found it to be extremely fun. 

Here's whats going on here. You start out with a random map of police raid scenarios where you and a friend kick down doors in slow motion clearing rooms of gang members, seizing contraband and destroying assets, diffusing bombs, and more until you hit the requirements for that level and get out without dying. Once clearing a level you can choose your path based on your location within a mapped out web of raids with the goal to make it all the way to the Kingpin. If you die it's game over but you'll keep a bit of experience which unlocks perks you can equip to your character to make the next play through easier. If you live but fail to complete the required objectives you'll forfeit one of your paths and be forced to continue down a potentially more difficult run. 

I never made it more than halfway through, even on easy. Not because I died, but because there are bombs you must diffuse and almost every run a timer would pop up saying I had about 20 seconds to find whichever bomb had 20 seconds left on it before it blew up and killed me. There can be many bombs in a level and they can all have a different amount of time on them before detonation. This is probably a result of a bug in RICO's random generation and it's a shame because I had a blast otherwise. 

I played solo the entire time mostly because I didn't know anyone else reviewing the game (We're the Industry Outsiders for a reason). Kicking down doors and blasting bad guys seems like it would get old but the game is so wacky and the rag-doll physics of the death animations are sometimes so funny that I was able to look past the lack of polish surrounding the rest of the game. The frame-rate stutters on Switch and for some reason it seems to run even worse when docked. Still, RICO's core mechanics work and they are so much fun.

I would highly recommend RICO to mess around with but it isn't worth overlooking some of the better games Switch has to offer right now. Still, is simple and fun. There is a bit of strategy involved and I can imagine RICO couch co-op being a great party game. Expect some issues with the random generation ahead of time and you'll be fine.

Check out my Let's Play below: 

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