Sky Gamblers - Afterburner - Impressions

Thin Air

Developer - Atypical Games

Publisher - Atypical Games

Platform - Nintendo Switch

Release Date - February 7th, 2019

I'll admit, flight sims aren't really my cup of tea, but that never stopped me from sinking dozens of hours into Rouge Squadron games, or Ace Combat back in the day. When I received a code for Sky Gamblers - Afterburner I was curious enough to give it a fair shot. The first five or six levels however were enough for me to realize it isn't something I want to finish.

I'm not familiar with the series but as far as flight sims go, its not terrible, just really boring. There is a bit of plot and a good attempt at ball busting banter between squadmates, but overall Afterburner is a shallow experience. Combat feels rough around the edges. the graphic textures are muddy, and the missions lack thrills.

I would steer clear of this one unless you have already played through whatever other flying content the Nintendo Switch has to offer. 

Check out some gameplay below -

- Matt

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