Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle - Review

Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platform: PlayStation 4 Pro
Release date: March 15, 2018

Go for the nape!

I tried watching the Attack on Titan anime when it came to Adult Swim a few years back in English but I'm not good at keeping up with weekly shows and the suspense of the first six or so episodes was too much to handle. I could have gone back by now and finished it on Netflix but alas I just haven't found the time.

What I really loved about Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is that it seemed to completely recount each episode of the anime. While this might be a bore for fans of the series, I find it to be the most entertaining part of the game. I found playing through it to be a lot more fun than passively watching it on TV.

As you should know by now I won't finish a game I think isn't deserving of my time and this game quickly fell into that category. I stopped around five hours and about 43% through the story. While I was entertained by the narrative the game-play left so much to be desired for anyone who isn't a mega fan of the show.

I had trouble traversing somewhat but when I was able to lock down a rhythm, movement felt akin to Spider-Man or Batman: Arkham Knight. Every mission I played for the first five hours was basically the same though. My only task aside form capturing a couple Titans was just hopping around taking them down. Taking down Titans is fun once you get the hang of it but shortly after that I found my self just mindlessly jumping from one Titan to the next not even caring about why. It requires the same actions from you so many times over with no variation. The only saving grace is the humor associated with dismantling some of the Titans and that on top of the great narrative was the only thing keeping me going for the last couple missions.

Don't get me wrong. This seems like a must play for fans of the franchise. Being able to exist in this world, create a character, customize your load-out, and hang with the cast of the anime is absolutely worth any Attack on Titan fans time. I think the major take away is that I would have liked Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle to make me a fan. If the game-play was better I would have stuck around longer and that's a shame. I've walked away from the game for a couple days now and feel no desire to go back and finish. Still I'm interested enough in finally finishing the anime now and maybe after that I'll feel the need to kill some Titans again.

My recommendation, Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle is worth it for major fans only. Anyone else won't be able to look past its flaws.

- Matt

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