Industry Outsiders is primarily a video-game opinion and review channel focused on delivering content uninfluenced by the video-game industry itself, however much possible. What does that mean exactly? It means we work full-time jobs in other industries and have nothing to lose by expressing our truly honest opinions. No ad sponsors that we care about losing, and no fear of getting our company black-listed by an angry developer because we said the wrong thing. This is our hobby.

WE LOVE VIDEO-GAMES. We play what we want (or have time to) and say what we want (when we have time to).

We have established positive relationships with many developers and publishers around the world. We are not out to just trash talk games. We love to promote games that may not be on the general consumer's radar (Please Try OwlBoy!).

We buy the games we review and also receive free copies. Receiving a free copy does not influence our impressions of a game. We feel greatly privileged to receive early and free copies of games and we uphold any and all Non-Disclosure Agreements and review/content embargoes required.

We started Industry Outsiders as a Podcast in May 2017 and a Youtube and Twitch channel shortly thereafter. This blog is a way to better funnel all of our content into one spot and allow a place to post written content which we hope you enjoy.

Thank you for stopping by.

- Matt

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